Tiny House Update- Trim!

The trim is going up in the tiny house y'all! I'm so excited about this! I thought putting up walls helped make it look more like a house, but now that the trim is going up I can see everything coming together. Trim around the kitchen window. Why yes, I am using a random piece… Continue reading Tiny House Update- Trim!

Cottage Update- Kitchen

The kitchen is coming along quite nicely! It's not finished by any means, but it's starting to look more and more like a kitchen! It's amazing how insulation and paneling can already make a space look more complete! Once everything is trimmed and painted my small China cabinet will sit against this wall. I love… Continue reading Cottage Update- Kitchen

Why I Wanted to Go Tiny- Common Questions Answered

A question I continue to get asked is- "Why a tiny house?" This question is usually followed with- "Why not just get a camper?" Which in turn is followed by this- "I mean wouldn't it be cheaper?" Those are great questions actually, and I enjoy being able to answer them and afterwards they understand why… Continue reading Why I Wanted to Go Tiny- Common Questions Answered