Why I Wanted to Go Tiny- Common Questions Answered

A question I continue to get asked is- “Why a tiny house?”

This question is usually followed with- “Why not just get a camper?”

Which in turn is followed by this- “I mean wouldn’t it be cheaper?”

Those are great questions actually, and I enjoy being able to answer them and afterwards they understand why I wanted a tiny house. Today I’m going to break those questions down for you.

The answer to the first question is this- I wanted my own space. Plain and simple. I wanted my own space for me and that’s about it actually. It was actually thanks to my Mum that I started looking into tiny houses.

You see, my Mum and Dad are the best parents ever. They understood that as I was getting older that I wanted my own space for my own things and for it to just be me. They were perfectly fine with that! However, they did not want me to rent an apartment. My parents wanted me to work towards something that would be mine, and not me giving money to someone else every single month.

This is what made the tiny house the perfect solution! The building I have is on a rent to own plan. So yes I am making monthly payments on it, but in a few years it’ll be paid off and all mine.

With a tiny home I get the space I want and it’ll eventually be completely paid for. I think that’s great and a pretty good answer to the first question.

Well not everyone thinks so. This is when I go to the ‘Plan B Answer.’

“Well I’m a tiny person so it’s not like I need a lot of space.”

This is my answer to the second question- I lived in a camper for a few months and learned a lot. The main thing I learned was that I didn’t really want to get a camper for a tiny home. Now I have nothing against campers at all, but for me and for the vision I wanted and the things I like, a camper just wouldn’t work out for me.

You can make a tiny house out of a camper, I know of a couple that does! I think it just depends on the person and what they would like.

Now we come to the third question. Wouldn’t a camper be cheaper?

Well I mean I guess it could be, but that would be if I got a camper and left it as is. Knowing me there would have been a lot of alterations I would’ve wanted done before I felt the camper would be ready. This would’ve started adding up to the price of the camper.

Both the tiny house and a camper are investments. For me I wanted more of a cottage look so the tiny house was the right fit for me. I’m still so happy with my choice too, even when I would look at showers and want to croak at some of their price tags, ha ha. Side note- I *finally* picked out my shower!

Every person who goes tiny has their own opinions and reasons why they decided to go tiny with what they chose. To me that’s what is so great about going tiny- the options are endless!


Reasons I Love the Autumnal Season

With autumn approaching I thought I would share my 15 reasons why I think autumn is the best season. Let me know what you love about autumn, or what your favorite season is as well!

  1. The trees have beautiful leaves in shades of red, orange, and  yellow.
  2. Perfect bonfire weather…all the time.
  3. Sweaters with t-shirts worn underneath them.
  4. Vanilla pumpkin coffee- if you’ve never had it you’re missing out big time!
  5. Crisp fall breezes.
  6. Speaking of breezes, the weather is just nice. Not too hot and not too cold.
  7. Rain, there is just something about rain in autumn that makes it so much better.
  8. Hot cocoa.
  9. Hot tea.
  10. Coffee in general.
  11. Better baking weather, it makes the house nice and warm, and the aroma from the batch of cookies smells oh so good.
  12. Autumnal scents- candles, air freshener, you name it. Pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, it’s all quite nice.
  13. Fuzzy socks, no one wants to wear fuzzy socks when it’s hot. Well at least a lot of people don’t want to.
  14. You know what goes great with those bonfires? S’mores. Now you can have s’mores at any time, but I think they taste better with a bonfire in the cooler weather.
  15. Lastly, my birthday, and all the birthdays of autumn babies everywhere!

Monthly Favorites- July 2017

*Please note that this post is not sponsored in any way, these are just simply products that I’ve used a lot this month and love*

Last month I found quite a few products that I love and quite a few products that I’ve had for a while, but used a whole lot.

Here are the favorite beauty products:



First up is this bareMinerals face powder. It’s my favorite face powder by far! I have it in the shade Fair Ivory 02.


I fell in love with this Ginger + Gold blush that came in my Ipsy bag. I can’t remember when I received this, but I used it a lot in July!


I was looking for a makeup setting spray on a budget. This setting spray from Wet n Wild was less than $6. I do prefer it a lot more than a makeup setting powder.


This Grande Mascara is another Ipsy bag favorite. I love that it lengthens my eyelashes, but doesn’t create clumps.


I was wanting to get a liquid foundation that would provide lasting coverage. So I looked at Pinterest to see what I could fine. I found some “drug store dupes” and the Revlon Colorstay was one of them. I tried it out and it really does have great coverage! I have the shade 110 Ivory.


This concealer is amazing, it definitely covers up those dark eyes and little blemishes! I have the shade CW 01.


My last Ipsy favorite for the month of July, this Vasanti lip gloss in the shade Super Mom. It’s the perfect shade of pink!


I have very super sensitive skin and finally found some makeup removing wipes that I can use that won’t break my face out! Now these are the off brand, but I prefer to buy these since there are more to a pack and are a bit less than the name brand.


This has quickly become my favorite shampoo! I love how it’s more natural and the coconut smell is a big plus! This is OGX’s Coconut Water shampoo.


My all time favorite scent from Bath and Body Works is Endless Weekend! I love their ultra shea body cream and their body spray. (I would’ve take a pic of their body spray, but I couldn’t find mine when I was taking all these pics. I did find it after I imported these pics though!)

Now to the electronic favorites for this month!


IMG_7885 (1)

I bought this flexible, metal wrapped, rose gold, iPhone charger. It’s nice to know that I finally have a charger that will last a long time. Well worth it!

IMG_7884 (1)

Finally, my Chromebook and mouse. I much prefer to use my Chromebook for blogging, very rarely will I use my phone. So without these two things it would be a bit hard to do what I do! I also love the fact that since I opted for the smaller Chromebook, I can stick it in my small backpack and it fits perfectly.

There you have it folks, my July monthly favorites! Until next time!