Current Project: Old Fashioned “Friendship” Style Quilt

I'm wanting to start a new series on the blog for all the current projects I have going on. The big sewing related project I have at the moment is an old fashioned friendship style quilt for American Civil War reenactments. I've been wanting an old fashioned looking quilt for both my home and for… Continue reading Current Project: Old Fashioned “Friendship” Style Quilt

Princess Stitchery

Today's cottage industry interview is with Sarah Young who manages Princess Stitchery. What does your business make? Aprons, Pot Holders, Hot Pads, Mug Rugs, Bowl Cozies, Crochet Dishcloths, Embellished Dish towels. What inspired you to start this business? I enjoyed sewing and wanted to make things for others to enjoy. How long have you been… Continue reading Princess Stitchery

1860 Wrapper Progress

I worked all this past weekend so on Saturday I took the wrapper pattern and pieces to work. I hand stitched the bodice together and the cuffs to the cuff linings. I forgot how long it takes me to hand stitch anything, but it was nice to have something to do to keep me occupied!… Continue reading 1860 Wrapper Progress