Current Project: Old Fashioned “Friendship” Style Quilt

I'm wanting to start a new series on the blog for all the current projects I have going on. The big sewing related project I have at the moment is an old fashioned friendship style quilt for American Civil War reenactments. I've been wanting an old fashioned looking quilt for both my home and for… Continue reading Current Project: Old Fashioned “Friendship” Style Quilt

Quiet Quilting

Tonight I did some quiet quilting on this old fashioned friendship quilt I'm working on. I'll use the quilt for reenactments and then embroider the name of the event and some of the dear friends (and new ones!) who were also at the event. My awesome mother gave me the idea for the quit- thanks… Continue reading Quiet Quilting

My New Quilt Part 1

Okay to all you quilters out there I have a few things to say to you.....First of all y'all are amazing....seriously. Second y'all are patient, third y'all have my respect. I recently decided to make a quilt for my soon to be new bed. Well I sat and thought about how I wanted it to… Continue reading My New Quilt Part 1