Mum’s Kitchen DIY Idea

My Mum is amazing you guys, I mean seriously! With getting the tiny house and prepping for it and all she came up with the best idea for tiny kitchen organization! My Mum loves the Harney & Sons teas (as do I!) and they come in these little metal tins. Mum gave me two tins… Continue reading Mum’s Kitchen DIY Idea

Reenacting Memories….Part 1

I don't remember how I got started in reenacting, but I used to go to quite a few events. I would do a mixture of camping events and day events. I wanted to share a few pictures and stories from these events with y'all.. 2014 Battle of Pleasant Hill... My first camping event was the… Continue reading Reenacting Memories….Part 1

Chloe’ Mae’s Coffee Corner Talks Part 8

Well hello y'all, it has been a while! How have y'all been? I hope everyone's been very well and has had a good week. Today I had a mini photo shoot with fellow blogger Stephanie! We had a lot of fun and were able to get some great photos as well. Here are a few of… Continue reading Chloe’ Mae’s Coffee Corner Talks Part 8