Meal Prep- Smoothies!

I love a good smoothie for a meal replacement or a quick and healthy snack. However, smoothies aren't always a "quick" option when you're having to get the ingredients together. I've read blog posts and have watched videos on meal prep and figured why not try that, but with smoothies. Freezer meals are getting to… Continue reading Meal Prep- Smoothies!

My Favorite Dinner

As a person who works nights I usually don't eat home-cooked dinners much. I eat a lot of soup when I work (I always get these weird looks when I mainly have cans of soups when I go grocery shopping). So even at home I'll eat soup or occasionally eggs or a sandwich, instead of… Continue reading My Favorite Dinner

Groceries for Under $21

So yesterday I went and bought groceries for 1 for under $21. It was awesome! I was so shocked to get quite a few meals for that price. For right now I'm living in a camper trailer until the tiny house is ready. So this is good practice for when I move into the tiny… Continue reading Groceries for Under $21