10 Things I Learned Getting My Associate’s Degree (Homeschool version)

Heyo everyone! It's been a long while and I do apologize about that! Tonight I'm working on planning out an actual blogging schedule as I want to focus more on blogging this year. Anyway, tonight I decided to share with you ten things I learned getting my associate's degree. As someone who was home-schooled college… Continue reading 10 Things I Learned Getting My Associate’s Degree (Homeschool version)


Reasons I Love the Autumnal Season

With autumn approaching I thought I would share my 15 reasons why I think autumn is the best season. Let me know what you love about autumn, or what your favorite season is as well! The trees have beautiful leaves in shades of red, orange, and ¬†yellow. Perfect bonfire weather...all the time. Sweaters with t-shirts… Continue reading Reasons I Love the Autumnal Season