What is My Personality Type?

So I've always been slightly curious about these "personality type quizzes" that are always going around. I've also wondered two things: Who on earth came up with them What is it and what does it mean I had some free time today and thought why not look into them and take one? Personality Type- nounĀ (Psychology)… Continue reading What is My Personality Type?

Tiny House Update- Trim!

The trim is going up in the tiny house y'all! I'm so excited about this! I thought putting up walls helped make it look more like a house, but now that the trim is going up I can see everything coming together. Trim around the kitchen window. Why yes, I am using a random piece… Continue reading Tiny House Update- Trim!

Spring Makeup Must Haves

Every spring I always re-do my makeup routine for the warmer weather. In the colder months I tend to wear a bit more makeup (more for me anyway) but in the warmer weather I opt for a very natural face. Today I wanted to share with you all my every day spring makeup must haves… Continue reading Spring Makeup Must Haves