Civil War Weekend at OWHSP 2017

Here are some pictures from the civil war reenactment at Old Washington Historic State Park last November: Since I was the only lady not dressed out on Saturday night I was put on chili making duty.....that way none of the ladies got their dresses dirty. (; The sanctuary of the Methodist church, this church has… Continue reading Civil War Weekend at OWHSP 2017


1860 Wrapper (First Sewing Project of 2018)

Happy 3rd day of the new year everyone! I hope your year is starting out great! I worked the past two years so today I was able to start on my first sewing project of 2018- an 1860 wrapper. Now a wrapper in the 1860's referred to a clothing garment that we would consider as… Continue reading 1860 Wrapper (First Sewing Project of 2018)

Battle of Jefferson TX Part 1

I'm writing this in the hotel room after I've halfway finished lunch, my hair still up in it's 1860's 'do,' my dress and petticoats and other 1860's underclothes on the floor, oh and I'm in modern clothes! I'm at the Battle of Jefferson TX civil war reenactment with my good friend Sarah! We are enjoying… Continue reading Battle of Jefferson TX Part 1