Blog Takeover: Taste of the Tumbleweed

Hey ya’ll! It’s Stephanie from Taste of the Tumbleweed!I am so honored to be doing this swap with Chloe. We have known each other outside of the blogging community for many of years now and she is just as sweet in person as she is on the interwebs. For this swap, we decided to tell… Continue reading Blog Takeover: Taste of the Tumbleweed

End of the Year Goals

Y'all this year is almost over with......can you believe that?! It's insane how fast this year has gone by! Here we are two days away from Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be upon us! I don't know about you, but I feel like this means I need to set goals to finish up for the… Continue reading End of the Year Goals

Battle of Pleasant Hill Part 2

After a delicious lunch from my awesome little Dutch oven we went to go watch the Saturday battle. The Union Calvary were the first out on the battlefield. The horses were all excited about what was to take place! Next some Confederates came out and walked along the edge of the woods on the opposite… Continue reading Battle of Pleasant Hill Part 2