Civil War Weekend @ OWHSP 2018

Hello friends and hello first post of 2019! I hope your New Year has been off to a great start! I took quite a long break from blogging, but I promise that this year I'm getting back into blogging on the regular. That's one of my goals for this year. (; Last November I volunteered… Continue reading Civil War Weekend @ OWHSP 2018

Civil War Weekend at OWHSP 2017

Here are some pictures from the civil war reenactment at Old Washington Historic State Park last November: Since I was the only lady not dressed out on Saturday night I was put on chili making duty.....that way none of the ladies got their dresses dirty. (; The sanctuary of the Methodist church, this church has… Continue reading Civil War Weekend at OWHSP 2017

1860 Wrapper Progress

I worked all this past weekend so on Saturday I took the wrapper pattern and pieces to work. I hand stitched the bodice together and the cuffs to the cuff linings. I forgot how long it takes me to hand stitch anything, but it was nice to have something to do to keep me occupied!… Continue reading 1860 Wrapper Progress