What is My Personality Type?

So I've always been slightly curious about these "personality type quizzes" that are always going around. I've also wondered two things: Who on earth came up with them What is it and what does it mean I had some free time today and thought why not look into them and take one? Personality Type- nounĀ (Psychology)… Continue reading What is My Personality Type?


Hello There…

Hello everyone, it's me again! I'm back! How are you? How's work or school? Any big plans for the summer? Good, good, nice to hear that. I'm so sorry for the long absence, I didn't mean to be gone this long. Well it looks like we all have some catching up to do so here… Continue reading Hello There…

Battle of Jefferson TX Part 2

Sarah and I left our hometown in the afternoon to travel to Jefferson, TX. It was about an hour and a half-ish drive to Jefferson. For me it was the shortest distance out of the state driven to an event- and as someone who gets carsick easily it was also the easiest drive! Two pictures… Continue reading Battle of Jefferson TX Part 2