What is My Personality Type?

So I’ve always been slightly curious about these “personality type quizzes” that are always going around. I’ve also wondered two things:

  1. Who on earth came up with them
  2. What is it and what does it mean

I had some free time today and thought why not look into them and take one?

Personality Type- noun (Psychology)

a collection of personality traits that are thought to occur together consistently, especially as determined by a certain pattern or responses to a personality inventory.

“The MBTI questionnaire, first published in 1943, was originally developed in the United States by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. Katharine Briggs was inspired to start researching personality type theory when she first met Isabel’s future husband, Clarence Myers.” This can be found here.

So I took a test from this site and was given ISTP as my personality type.

It breaks down as this:

Introvert- 44%

Sensing- 28%

Thinking- 22%

Perceiving- 3%

This means that I have a moderate preference of Introversion over Extraversion. A moderate preference of Sensing over Intuition. Then a slight preference of Thinking over Feeling. Lastly I have marginal to no preference of Perceiving over Judging.

I’m not really 100% sure on my results, but that’s what I ended up getting. In fact I’m about 90% this isn’t exactly true to how I think I really am, but it was interesting taking this test.

Have you ever taken a Personality Test and if you have, what results did you get?



Hello There…

Hello everyone, it’s me again! I’m back! How are you? How’s work or school? Any big plans for the summer? Good, good, nice to hear that. I’m so sorry for the long absence, I didn’t mean to be gone this long. Well it looks like we all have some catching up to do so here goes!

I’m still on night shift at work, but now I’ve been moved to dispatching. There is a bit more involved in this position, but I have a bigger desk so that’s nice. I will start college back up in the fall with Arkansas History as the number one class I need to take. I probably should’ve taken it when I was working on my associates degree, but I didn’t need it. So now here I am needing it for my bachelors degree.

Towards the end of last month I went and put the down payment on my tiny home! It should be completed being built towards the end of June! Then it’ll be time to start fixing it up from the inside out. I’m very excited about this and can’t wait to get started!

This summer I am also going to work on finding a better all around schedule for life. Mainly a better sleep schedule that won’t make me tired for work, but will also help me not sleep all day when I’m off work. I also want to work on blogging more, I’ve been trying to find a better schedule for blogging and this summer I will find it!

I hope your summer has started off great and I will talk with y’all soon!

Battle of Jefferson TX Part 2

Sarah and I left our hometown in the afternoon to travel to Jefferson, TX. It was about an hour and a half-ish drive to Jefferson. For me it was the shortest distance out of the state driven to an event- and as someone who gets carsick easily it was also the easiest drive!

Two pictures I took while we were driving there.

The downtown area is so beautiful! I loved the brick roads and the lovely brick buildings. My favorite building out of the downtown area was the Jefferson General Store. Stepping foot in the general store was like stepping back in time. I’m looking forward to going there again!



Sarah saw this card and had me stop to look at it. It was so cute! They had quite of selection of adorable cards!



We also got a selfie with John Wayne!

A beautiful church, a lovely home and magnolia tree, and a downtown museum..

That Friday night there was a street dance. Not many attended, but those who did had a lot of fun dancing, laughing, and talking the night away. In fact (between you and me) I enjoyed the street dance a lot more than the actual ball….don’t tell Sarah that though! ;)