Jewish Food & Cultural Festival 2019

Back in March I traveled to Little Rock for the annual Jewish Food & Cultural Festival. I went with a sweet friend of mine, and we met up with one of her sweet friends. We had a wonderful time! It was really cold that morning so we were all ready to eat some matzo ball… Continue reading Jewish Food & Cultural Festival 2019

Survived the First 2 Weeks! 

I survived the first 2 weeks of my junior year!! I've learned that planners are amazing things, there's definitely more homework and quizzes, but I've met so many great people. I'm serious, I've met more people in my junior year than my first two years. Get this: most of them are biology majors as well.… Continue reading Survived the First 2 Weeks! 

This Represents Me 

I love taking photos. Photography is a big hobby of mine.    Love reenacting! When I get bored I take selfies. Doesn't everybody? ;)   Yes, I am on a fake elephant. I love baking and love trying new things! This was when I made my first blackberry cobbler. I love shopping! Especially for dresses!… Continue reading This Represents Me