Jewish Food & Cultural Festival 2019

Back in March I traveled to Little Rock for the annual Jewish Food & Cultural Festival. I went with a sweet friend of mine, and we met up with one of her sweet friends. We had a wonderful time!

It was really cold that morning so we were all ready to eat some matzo ball soup! It was the perfect food for a cold day!

A scroll of the Torah.

A basket full of yarmulkes.

After we all enjoyed the festival we went to La Madeleine’s for a nice cup of coffee and a tasty pastry! It was my first time to go there and it was amazing!

I opted for a small cappuccino and the ‘pastry of the day’ that was recommenced by the owner. It was delicious!

I had a mille-feuile and guys it was amazing!

We sat right by the fireplace and it made for an even more amazing experience. I mean come on- fireplace, coffee, and deep conversation with new and old friends makes for a great afternoon!

I took a quick picture of the inside, I will definitely come back!

I bought a loaf of poppy seed challah home. My Mum said it made excellent French toast as well!

I had a lot of fun and can’t wait for next years festival!


Christmas & Candlelight 2018

I found a few blog posts in my “drafts” tab that I want to finish writing or putting pictures in and share with you all. Better late than never right? (:

In December last year my sister and I attended the Historic Washington State Park’s event….”Christmas & Candlelight.” Every year in December they have this event, and it is always so beautiful! A lot of the historic homes and buildings in the park are open for touring, everything is decorated for the holidays, and they have luminaries everywhere! It makes for a beautiful evening!

When we went I made sure to take as many pictures as I could! Last year I barely took any….but I did better this year! 

The dining room through the window on the front porch of the Block home. 
The dining room of the Block home
The fireplace mantel in the parlor room at the Block home

The first place we went to was the block home, this was the home of the only Jewish family in Washington, Arkansas. The head of the Block family- Abraham Block- moved his family to Washington and opened a store there in 1825. Not only where they the only Jewish family in Washington, they were also the first Jewish family to immigrate to the state of Arkansas.  Instead of having the house decorated for Christmas, it’s decorated for Hanukkah. My Mum is the mastermind behind the decorations for the Block home. I think she did a wonderful job! 

Beautiful basket of candles  

The next place we went to was the candle shop. They have a variety of candles and wax burners, Christmas tree decorations, candle sticks, and much more! Both the sister and I decided to dip a plain, white candle into some colored wax. I made a blue candle, and she made a green one, they both went to our Mum’s candle stash. (: 

After the candle shop we made our way over to the 1874 courthouse. I don’t usually take my time when visiting the courthouse, but the sister and I decided to go see what was there.

The following pictures were from exhibits on the first floor of the courthouse.

The adorable Christmas tree in the 1874 courthouse.

Next, we went upstairs and looked in one of the rooms upstairs. In this room they change out the exhibits periodically. When we went the had an exhibit called “Around the World” Magic Lantern Exhibit.

A rather blurry photo of the different lanterns outside of the courthouse.

I just love this staircase, there’s another one just opposite of this one as well. After the courthouse we went and visited the Royston house.

Isn’t the stained glass beautiful? When you go to the inside of the house and look through the blue glass it gives the appearance that it’s snowing outside! Just lovely!

The sister loved this little glass shoe on the table. :)

Even the piano has some Christmas paper chains!

Another Christmas tree!

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.”

I really enjoyed touring the park for this even and enjoyed the time spent with my sister even more!

Chloe’ Mae’s Coffee Corner Talks Part 10

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well on this Wednesday afternoon! I’m writing this from my new desk at my new job….yes I have a new job!

A little over a month ago I quit dispatching and started working at the local university as an administrative assistant. At my former job I sat at a desk for 12 hours, worked a crazy rotating shift, and didn’t have a set schedule that I liked. I do miss working with my former work family, they were some of the best!

At my new job I have the freedom to move around…..a lot! The place I’m working at hosts events all the time- there’s hardly ever a dull moment around here! I also work 8-5 Monday – Friday (unless there’s an event I need to be present for) which is a plus. The thing I’m most excited about is the fact that I get to go home and do stuff. I used to come home, eat something, maybe do some school work and then go to bed. I’m able to do a lot more before going to bed…..and I’ve usually go to bed around 10 pm now. For those that know me that’s kind of a crazy deal right there, haha.

The past two days after work I’ve spent sealing the steps on my tiny house. It’s something that’s been waay over due. I purchased a sealer that had a tint to it so it sealed and stained the steps at once. Kill two birds with one stone! Eventually I’m going to seal/stain the entire porch, but with spring storms coming in this week my main focus was on the steps.

This is what the steps looked like before I started using the tinted sealer.

A “during” photo.

This is what the steps look like now! You can see a bit of the railings in this post as well. I’m quite pleased with the way they’ve turned out and can’t wait to get the rest of the porch sealed!

This is the brand and type of tinted sealer I went with, it does an amazing job! Although I do recommend wearing gloves while applying this. I wore gloves the first day and none the second and let me just give you a heads up- this stain takes a bit to come off. I still have some on my hands, haha!

Have a good night!