Introducing Me..

Sewing, pharmacy, reenacting, cooking, drinking coffee, reading, baking, camping, hiking, traveling, tiny houses, taking photos, playing the piano, and the big one of all- Jesus.

Hey y’all my name is Chloe’ Mae and the above listed things are what defines me and who I am as a person. I stay busy, work nights, am trying to juggle working full time while preparing to build a tiny house and go back to school. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, but that’s okay. This perfectly imperfect person serves a perfectly perfect God who helps me every single day of my life.

I can’t promise that my blog is interesting, trust me there are days when I’m even looking at old posts going “Why in the world did I write that?” What I can promise about my blog is that it will always be 110% real and honest. I don’t mind writing about my shortcomings. If I can write about something in life that I messed up on so that others can use my experience to help them from making the same mistake, then it is worth it to me.

My goal through my blog is to lift up and encourage everyone who stops by and reads it. I’m not much of a writer when it comes to introducing myself so I will let the posts I’ve written speak for themselves when it comes to describing myself. Thank-you for stopping by and y’all come again!


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