Shop Mer’s Closet

A good friend of mine has started an Etsy shop called Shop Mer’s Closet. She sells the most adorable pet bandanas ever! You can buy a bandana for your cat and your dog, and she always has a great selection! I interviewed her a couple weeks ago and today I want to share the interview along with pictures of her amazing products.

Why did you choose Shop Mer’s Closet?
Meredith is the name of my 4 year old ragdoll cat. She literally had a closet of bandanas so it was fitting!
Why did you open a shop? And when did you officially open up Shop Mer’s Closet?
We officially opened in March 2019, so we’re still fairly new. We opened a shop because
I’m one of those people that always needs a side project and also buying from a ton of
shop was getting expensive 😂
What are your favorite bandanas to make?
This is a hard one! The Meredith, Denim, Cactus Flower, and there a ton coming up that I’m OBSESSED with!
How many bandanas do you make in a week?
Any where from 7-40.
Do you have a busiest day of the week when it comes to managing your shop?
Wednesday is my release days so those are always hectic. I’m in constant contact with my representatives and helping them with advertising and cheering them on! Also I do
auctions once a month and those are by far my most hectic and also fun!
What’s your favorite part about having a small business on the side? How long do you want to keep the shop open and running?
Interacting with customers and our reps! They keep me grounded and push me to do bigger and better things! I plan to stay open as long as people keep buying!
What are your top 3 most sold bandanas?
1. The Nala
2. Pac Man
3. Rosie Posie
Are you going to branch out and make different kinds of pet accessories? And if so, what are they?
I’m really wanting to get into leashes and collars in the future. This will be in the very far future. I’m currently working on hair bows for my long haired pets.
What’s your advice for someone wanting to open up an online shop while also going to school full time?
Get ready to be overwhelmed. You need to make sure you start off with a system that is comfortable for you. Only you know what works for you. 
And now for some pictures!
Cactus Flower Pet Bandana
Cactus Flower Pet Bandana
Chevron Point Pet Bandana
Chevron Point Pet Bandana
Gamer Central Pet Bandana
Gamer Central Pet Bandana
Party in the USA Pet Bandana
Party in the USA Pet Bandana
Shark Bait Pet Bandana
Shark Bait Pet Bandana
Wilderness Party Pet Bandana
Wilderness Party Pet Bandana
The Meredith Pet Bandana
The Meredith
Everyone go check out Stephanie’s shop! Remember, if you use code NEMO10 you get 10% of your order!

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