May Snapshots

Can you believe that it’s now June? I can’t! This year is flying by! I wanted to share some snapshots of my May.

My best friend Stephanie has started an online shop for all things pet bandanas! My sister’s (technically the families, but he adores my sister) cat, Nemo, is a brand rep for her and he loves his bandanas! If you’re wanting a new bandana for your furry friend, whether your furry friend is a cat or dog, be sure to go to her shop! Use code NEMO10 for 10% off your order!

Stephanie has started collections based off of her brand reps. This is Nemo in the “Nemo” bandana.

A scrunchie in the “Nemo” print.

Nemo in an adorable denim bandana.

Nemo’s older sister Poppy in this adorable floral print.

Some quilting I’ve been working on, on and off.

I love the “obi” probiotic sodas. They’re delicious and a yummy way to get the probiotics your body needs! Their lemon lime is another favorite of mine!

Everyone at work is trying to eat better and this one coworker of mine is doing everything in her power to make sure it happens! She went to the local farmer’s market one day and brought back some sugar snap peas and dewberries! It made for a delicious morning snack.

One night in May I had a dinner that consisted of cinnamon tea, scrambled eggs, green apple slices, and dark chocolate hummus.

Some earrings I’ve been working on to sell.

This was the most delicious meal I think I’ve ever made! Pesto chicken with green beans and tomatoes! I will definitely make it again soon!

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