Christmas & Candlelight 2017

Two weekends in December of every year the local state park hosts ‘Christmas & Candlelight.’ During this time the entire park is decorated for Christmas and each house is decorated by a different group of people or family. There are luminaries throughout the entire park that are lit at dusk. Most of the houses and buildings are open for tours and there are different Christmas music programs at the various churches.

My Mum has decorated the Block family house for the past couple of years. This is the only house that is not decorated for Christmas because the Block family were Jewish. Mum decorates the house for Hanukkah, which usually takes place sometime in December. Now Hanukkah is an eight day Jewish celebration of the rededicating of the Jewish Temple during the second century B.C. Two of the main colors that are associated with Hanukkah are blue and white, so Mum used a lot of blue grosgrain ribbon to decorate with.

On the dining room table is the Menorah. The middle candle on the Menorah is called the Shamash, this means helper or servant, and this is the candle that you use to light the other candles. On the first night you light the Shamash and then one candle. On the second night you light the Shamash and two candles, and so on.


Mum used some greenery, fake pomegranates, and a holly berry garland to decorate the fireplace mantle in the sitting room. The park asks for volunteers to used fake food to decorate with to help preserve furniture and to keep little critters away.




A driedel game is set up on the table in the sitting room.




A sign printed in the print museum at the park.

I love how the decorators used copies of old newspapers to make their paper chain. Super cute idea!

Some candles that were made and some that are drying and waiting to be trimmed.

A picture of the inside of the blacksmith shop. It was nice and toasty in there!

Christmas tree in the 1836 courthouse.

Judges desk in the 1836 courthouse.

I didn’t take too many pictures as we didn’t go to many buildings that year. This year I want to try and go in every building!

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