Chloe’ Mae’s Coffee Corner Talks Part 10

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well on this Wednesday afternoon! I’m writing this from my new desk at my new job….yes I have a new job!

A little over a month ago I quit dispatching and started working at the local university as an administrative assistant. At my former job I sat at a desk for 12 hours, worked a crazy rotating shift, and didn’t have a set schedule that I liked. I do miss working with my former work family, they were some of the best!

At my new job I have the freedom to move around…..a lot! The place I’m working at hosts events all the time- there’s hardly ever a dull moment around here! I also work 8-5 Monday – Friday (unless there’s an event I need to be present for) which is a plus. The thing I’m most excited about is the fact that I get to go home and do stuff. I used to come home, eat something, maybe do some school work and then go to bed. I’m able to do a lot more before going to bed…..and I’ve usually go to bed around 10 pm now. For those that know me that’s kind of a crazy deal right there, haha.

The past two days after work I’ve spent sealing the steps on my tiny house. It’s something that’s been waay over due. I purchased a sealer that had a tint to it so it sealed and stained the steps at once. Kill two birds with one stone! Eventually I’m going to seal/stain the entire porch, but with spring storms coming in this week my main focus was on the steps.

This is what the steps looked like before I started using the tinted sealer.

A “during” photo.

This is what the steps look like now! You can see a bit of the railings in this post as well. I’m quite pleased with the way they’ve turned out and can’t wait to get the rest of the porch sealed!

This is the brand and type of tinted sealer I went with, it does an amazing job! Although I do recommend wearing gloves while applying this. I wore gloves the first day and none the second and let me just give you a heads up- this stain takes a bit to come off. I still have some on my hands, haha!

Have a good night!

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