Cottage Update- Kitchen

The kitchen is coming along quite nicely! It’s not finished by any means, but it’s starting to look more and more like a kitchen! It’s amazing how insulation and paneling can already make a space look more complete!

IMG_8335 (1)

Once everything is trimmed and painted my small China cabinet will sit against this wall. I love the look of shabby chic and cottage styles so the whole interior will be painted a nice white color. It’ll make the house look bigger than what it is and give it a nice, clean look.

IMG_8334 (1)

This wall well have a built in shelves for dishes and pantry items.


My Dad made a stand for my refrigerator to stand on so it would be off the ground. He attached some of the same paneling to give it a uniform look as well. Later we will build a shelf that sits over the refrigerator and it will hold my convection oven. We’re also going to make the rest of the stand look more like a broom closet.

I also painted on the kitchen counter. It just needed a little wipe down and a fresh coat of paint!

The same goes for all the drawers and the rest of the counter.


Dad built this awesome counter top!




After we brought it over to the house we were able to make the hole for the sink.


Next it was time to stain the counter top. I chose a “dark walnut” stain and am very pleased with how it turned out.


A close up of the stain.


The overall stain on the counter top.


After the stain completely dried I put some polyurethane seal on it.


Then I let the seal dry for a few days before I put another coat on it.

There is still *quite* a bit to do in the kitchen area, but it’s nice to see everything coming together!


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