Cottage Update- Lighting

“So what are you going to do for lighting?”

That’s a question that usually comes up when I’m describing what I plan on doing with The Cottage. When this was all just dreaming and planning I really didn’t have any idea whatsoever on the lighting I wanted. I would usually respond with an “I’m looking around still” or a “I haven’t really thought of that yet.”

Now I actually have plans for lighting and it’s all thanks to my Mum and her wonderful ideas.

My Mum was at a local resale shop and came across this flush-mount light.



My Mum found some antique glass shades from my grandparents old house. All I need to do is purchase some bases for them!



This is my favorite out of the three shades. I’m thinking this one might go in the kitchen near the sink.



I think this shade would be best for the bathroom.



This one is most likely going to go near the couch in the living room.

Now to find one or two small light fixtures and I can check lighting off the list!


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