Reasons I Love the Autumnal Season

With autumn approaching I thought I would share my 15 reasons why I think autumn is the best season. Let me know what you love about autumn, or what your favorite season is as well!

  1. The trees have beautiful leaves in shades of red, orange, and  yellow.
  2. Perfect bonfire weather…all the time.
  3. Sweaters with t-shirts worn underneath them.
  4. Vanilla pumpkin coffee- if you’ve never had it you’re missing out big time!
  5. Crisp fall breezes.
  6. Speaking of breezes, the weather is just nice. Not too hot and not too cold.
  7. Rain, there is just something about rain in autumn that makes it so much better.
  8. Hot cocoa.
  9. Hot tea.
  10. Coffee in general.
  11. Better baking weather, it makes the house nice and warm, and the aroma from the batch of cookies smells oh so good.
  12. Autumnal scents- candles, air freshener, you name it. Pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, it’s all quite nice.
  13. Fuzzy socks, no one wants to wear fuzzy socks when it’s hot. Well at least a lot of people don’t want to.
  14. You know what goes great with those bonfires? S’mores. Now you can have s’mores at any time, but I think they taste better with a bonfire in the cooler weather.
  15. Lastly, my birthday, and all the birthdays of autumn babies everywhere!

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