Monthly Favorites- July 2017

*Please note that this post is not sponsored in any way, these are just simply products that I’ve used a lot this month and love*

Last month I found quite a few products that I love and quite a few products that I’ve had for a while, but used a whole lot.

Here are the favorite beauty products:



First up is this bareMinerals face powder. It’s my favorite face powder by far! I have it in the shade Fair Ivory 02.


I fell in love with this Ginger + Gold blush that came in my Ipsy bag. I can’t remember when I received this, but I used it a lot in July!


I was looking for a makeup setting spray on a budget. This setting spray from Wet n Wild was less than $6. I do prefer it a lot more than a makeup setting powder.


This Grande Mascara is another Ipsy bag favorite. I love that it lengthens my eyelashes, but doesn’t create clumps.


I was wanting to get a liquid foundation that would provide lasting coverage. So I looked at Pinterest to see what I could fine. I found some “drug store dupes” and the Revlon Colorstay was one of them. I tried it out and it really does have great coverage! I have the shade 110 Ivory.


This concealer is amazing, it definitely covers up those dark eyes and little blemishes! I have the shade CW 01.


My last Ipsy favorite for the month of July, this Vasanti lip gloss in the shade Super Mom. It’s the perfect shade of pink!


I have very super sensitive skin and finally found some makeup removing wipes that I can use that won’t break my face out! Now these are the off brand, but I prefer to buy these since there are more to a pack and are a bit less than the name brand.


This has quickly become my favorite shampoo! I love how it’s more natural and the coconut smell is a big plus! This is OGX’s Coconut Water shampoo.


My all time favorite scent from Bath and Body Works is Endless Weekend! I love their ultra shea body cream and their body spray. (I would’ve take a pic of their body spray, but I couldn’t find mine when I was taking all these pics. I did find it after I imported these pics though!)

Now to the electronic favorites for this month!


IMG_7885 (1)

I bought this flexible, metal wrapped, rose gold, iPhone charger. It’s nice to know that I finally have a charger that will last a long time. Well worth it!

IMG_7884 (1)

Finally, my Chromebook and mouse. I much prefer to use my Chromebook for blogging, very rarely will I use my phone. So without these two things it would be a bit hard to do what I do! I also love the fact that since I opted for the smaller Chromebook, I can stick it in my small backpack and it fits perfectly.

There you have it folks, my July monthly favorites! Until next time!

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