Mini World Market Haul

Before I begin today’s blog post I want to say….Hello everyone! Not many of y’all know this, but I came home from holiday, vacation, hols, whatever you want to call it, on Saturday. I spent about 6-ish days in the lovely state of Florida. The weather was lovely, the beach was fun, and the museums were fascinating. Anyway, on to today’s post!

While we were in Florida we went to a place called World Market. Now Mum has ordered a few things from there before, but none of us have ever been to one of their stores. It. Was. Amazing.

Even though I’ve never been to World Market I was on the hunt for two things that I knew they would have. A glass teapot and some flowering tea. How did I know they had them? Google is how I knew about that. I had been googling where to find glass teapots and flowering tea at for a while now.

You see I watched a YouTube video and this British YouTuber tried some flowering tea and it looked really neat and tasty. After looking into flowering tea I learned that a lot of people love them, and you will too, especially if you love herbal teas.

Anyway, about 5 minutes into being at the store I found the glass teapot. I immediately picked it up and put it in the shopping cart.


One thing down and one more to go. I looked around at the kitchen items a bit longer and was pretty tempted to pick up some mugs and plates. After looking around the kitchen items I set off to find some flowering tea. On my way to the tea I found a coffee bean grinding station that I thought was pretty neat.


After looking around at the coffee beans, I found the tea!


This is the tea I picked up, it comes with four different flowering tea bulbs. After picking up my two items I spent my time following the family around the store looking at all the different items the place had.


The bath towels there were so soft! Mom gave me an idea to pick a hanging glass jar to put sand and seashells in for my bathroom. So I picked up this little guy.


Fast forward to Sunday morning and I made my first pot of flowering tea! I loved watching the bulb “bloom” into a beautiful orange flower!






The tea I had on Sunday was called Dragon Lily. This was white tea with orange lily petals. An it has a description of having a “velvety apricot flavor.” It was very tasty and had a lovely amber appearance to it after it steeped.

Now to have another day off to enjoy some of the other teas! I hope everyone has had a lovely summer! Until next time!

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