Cactus Canvas DIY

So Stephanie (from Taste of the Tumbleweed) recently had a birthday. Every year we seem to go with a theme for each other when thinking of gifts. Since she’s been absolutely obsessed with all things cacti, I decided to make cacti this years theme. Steph has also recently moved to a new apartment and has totally redone the place. So with her gifts I tried to incorporate her new apartments colors as well.

I looked around on Pinterest and decided to make her a canvas painting of a cactus in a planter. I found an easy, almost cartoon-like, step-by-step drawing of a cactus. After a lot of practice drawing the cactus I felt like it was time to draw it on the canvas. I drew the outline of the painting and then came along with a paintbrush and black acrylic paint and completed the outline:


After this dried I mixed some pink acrylic paint with some white acrylic paint. With this blush pink I painted the background of the canvas.


Next I mixed a light green acrylic paint with the white to get a lighter, more muted green:


After this all dried I had to touch up on the black outline again, then it was on to the planter and painting the lines of the cactus:


I decided to do a bit of a design on the planter since it looked bare and finished up the lines of the cactus:


Once the lines dried it was on to paining the ‘spikes:’


Finally I painted two yellow flowers and then it was completed:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I gave it to Steph when we celebrated her birthday with family and she loved it! I see more crafts like this in the near future!





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