Battle of Jefferson TX Part 2

Sarah and I left our hometown in the afternoon to travel to Jefferson, TX. It was about an hour and a half-ish drive to Jefferson. For me it was the shortest distance out of the state driven to an event- and as someone who gets carsick easily it was also the easiest drive!

Two pictures I took while we were driving there.

The downtown area is so beautiful! I loved the brick roads and the lovely brick buildings. My favorite building out of the downtown area was the Jefferson General Store. Stepping foot in the general store was like stepping back in time. I’m looking forward to going there again!



Sarah saw this card and had me stop to look at it. It was so cute! They had quite of selection of adorable cards!



We also got a selfie with John Wayne!

A beautiful church, a lovely home and magnolia tree, and a downtown museum..

That Friday night there was a street dance. Not many attended, but those who did had a lot of fun dancing, laughing, and talking the night away. In fact (between you and me) I enjoyed the street dance a lot more than the actual ball….don’t tell Sarah that though! ;)


2 thoughts on “Battle of Jefferson TX Part 2

    1. From the moment we drove into the downtown part of Jefferson I was in love! The street dance was so much fun and a great way to meet some amazing people!

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