Battle of Jefferson TX Part 1

I’m writing this in the hotel room after I’ve halfway finished lunch, my hair still up in it’s 1860’s ‘do,’ my dress and petticoats and other 1860’s underclothes on the floor, oh and I’m in modern clothes! I’m at the Battle of Jefferson TX civil war reenactment with my good friend Sarah! We are enjoying our down time waiting for the battle to start. Earlier today we saw a parade and the town skirmish….it was quite loud and a little rowdy at some points, but everyone enjoyed it!

When we arrived early yesterday evening I was in love with this town! They have so many antique stores!! Sarah took me to the Jefferson General Store and I went absolutely crazy in there…..everything is just so cute to me there!

This morning I knew that I would wind up taking so many photos that there would be too many for just one post. That’s not bad…right? ;) So I’ll just share a few right now and then it may be time for a cat nap. ;)

These are just a few of many more to come! I hope y’all have a great day!


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