An Exciting Announcement!

Okay everyone I have a very exciting announcement to share with y’all. Last week my Dad took me to go look at some pre-fab outdoor buildings to see about turning one of them into a tiny home. We looked at quite a few buildings until I saw “the one.” The minute I walked into “the one” I knew that was the one that would be my tiny home!

I hope to go back in May to talk about how many windows I want in the home, the type of porch I want, and to further discuss about the 2 lofts. That’s right- 2 lofts! One sleeping loft and one sewing loft! At this point I can’t tell you which one I’m more excited about! I’ve always wanted my own sewing area and it’s finally happening!

Yesterday my parents and I were at Home Depot and decided to price some materials I’ll need to get. Thankfully I’m wanting to start purchasing items a little at a time to make the cost not appear to be as much. It was fun though looking at all the things that might go in my tiny home- even looking at insulation was fun to me. It’s just the idea that soon I’ll get to purchase these things and make my home!

Maybe in June I’ll have some pictures of the tiny home building never knows. ;)


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