Quiet Quilting

Tonight I did some quiet quilting on this old fashioned friendship quilt I’m working on. I’ll use the quilt for reenactments and then embroider the name of the event and some of the dear friends (and new ones!) who were also at the event. My awesome mother gave me the idea for the quit- thanks Mom!

Here are some photos of what I did tonight:





To get ideas for quilt blocks I typed in things such as “Civil war quilt blocks” and “Old fashioned quilt blocks” into Google. Then I printed the images of some I wanted to try out and cut the shapes out to use as stencils. I’m quite pleased with the way these turned out!


These are quilt blocks I have completed previously. I love putting quilt blocks together and seeing all the different fabrics and patterns come together!


An Exciting Announcement!

Okay everyone I have a very exciting announcement to share with y’all. Last week my Dad took me to go look at some pre-fab outdoor buildings to see about turning one of them into a tiny home. We looked at quite a few buildings until I saw “the one.” The minute I walked into “the one” I knew that was the one that would be my tiny home!

I hope to go back in May to talk about how many windows I want in the home, the type of porch I want, and to further discuss about the 2 lofts. That’s right- 2 lofts! One sleeping loft and one sewing loft! At this point I can’t tell you which one I’m more excited about! I’ve always wanted my own sewing area and it’s finally happening!

Yesterday my parents and I were at Home Depot and decided to price some materials I’ll need to get. Thankfully I’m wanting to start purchasing items a little at a time to make the cost not appear to be as much. It was fun though looking at all the things that might go in my tiny home- even looking at insulation was fun to me. It’s just the idea that soon I’ll get to purchase these things and make my home!

Maybe in June I’ll have some pictures of the tiny home building itself..one never knows. ;)

Battle of Pleasant Hill Part 3

I woke up late on the Sunday (the last day of the reenactment) and I mean *late*. It’s very unusual for me to be up after 7:30 at events, but for the first time in my life it happened. I woke up at 7:50…the horror. Anyway, it was nice to be able to sleep in though! Especially since I was starting my first day as a Confederate soldier! Yes, that’s right you did hear correctly! I got to be a soldier!!

I woke up and got dressed in pants, a man’s shirt (that was wayyyy to big for me- it looked like a dress) suspenders and a Confederate army coat and a hat. It actually took me about the same amount of time to dress as a soldier as it did to dress like a lady. It was those suspenders I swear it was!


The guns and are neatly stacked with the colors resting upon them. They are waiting for the moment the men grab them and assemble to do battle with the Yanks.


I am the soldier who is covering their ears in the back. I was trying to get accustomed to the gunfire. After 5 minutes I was fully accustomed and having a blast!


Our brave flag bearer ended up perishing at the beginning of the battle. With his last breath he passed on the colors to me. I followed our brave troops, stopping to help the wounded get comfortable and to pray for the dying. Some of our men became scared and deserted us, others lay dead and dying towards the end. When the battle was nearing an end this 1st Sergeant and I were all that remained of our company. We helped rally the rest of the Confederate soldiers. The cry of “Rally to the Colors! Rally to the Flag!’ could be heard all around. In the midst of destruction we all stood proud, proud to be standing, proud to be a Confederate, proud of our great nation.


Excuse the porta johns in the background and my weird facial expression, but this is what I looked like as a soldier! It was hot, but a lot of fun! I hope to do it again soon!


My groups campsite and sign.


Another picture of our camp home.



A cannon after the battle.


A cannon before the battle.