Meal Prep- Smoothies!

I love a good smoothie for a meal replacement or a quick and healthy snack. However, smoothies aren’t always a “quick” option when you’re having to get the ingredients together. I’ve read blog posts and have watched videos on meal prep and figured why not try that, but with smoothies.

Freezer meals are getting to be pretty popular with a lot of people. They basically spend one day baking the food and then putting them in portioned containers and putting them in the freezer. Then when they want a quick meal, out comes a container and they heat it up and boom! A quick and yummy meal.

First I went and bought some frozen berries, fruit, low fat vanilla yogurt, apple juice, and milk. Next I started to separate the frozen berries and fruits into freezer bags. This way the fruit and berries are already portioned for individual smoothies. After that I put them in the freezer to be used for yummy smoothies!


I purchased these from the local Dollar Tree.


So I had already used almost all the strawberries in this so it was mainly blueberries by the time I made the smoothie packs.


Once again, purchased at Dollar Tree


This was a pink lady apple and some halo’s I had leftover that I decided to use and try out.


This was a peach, strawberry, and blueberry smoothie mix.


A strawberry, blueberry, and banana mix.


Peach and apple mix.


Then the small orange and apple mix.

All in all I was able to make 8 smoothie packs! I thought that was pretty good for a start. Now I’m able to grab a pack and put it in the personal blender, add some yogurt, juice, and milk, and enjoy the smoothie. I’ve never tried an apple and orange smoothie so I’ll have to let y’all know how that one turns out. Until next time friends!

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