Single and Loving It

So I’ve noticed that here lately there are more posts that focus on relationships and single people writing about how awkward they feel not being in a relationship, that they want a relationship so bad, and how they’re trying to find one. I’m over here in my sweats, messy bun, no make-up on, and  holding a coffee mug wondering what the big fuss is about. So you’re single- it’s not the end of the world! It’s a time to focus on you and what’s important in your life.

Do I want to eventually be in a relationship and get married?

Yes I do.

Am I sad not being in a relationship at this point in life?

No, no I’m not.

Wait, so I’m happy being single?

Yes, yes I sure am!

Being single isn’t bad to me, it’s the opposite. I’m not ready to think about getting married anytime soon, so why would I want to rush into a relationship? I see relationships as a way to see if you’re compatible for marriage. I don’t want to do the ‘causal dating’ our culture says is appropriate. It’s a waste of time in my opinion and it can leave both parties feeling hurt in some way or another.

Now for those I know that are dating I’m happy for them, I really am. For me I’m enjoying this ‘single season’ as a time to focus on things like:





And the one I’ve neglected for so long- My relationship with Christ

I’m also wanting to use this time to focus on making right the wrongs I’ve done to those I know, and to fix those relationships.

This is also an opportunity for me to be a young adult and go on lots of trips and things like that. My Mom is very smart (I’m learning that more and more each day) and wants me and my sister to do things like that. She wants us to enjoy our single years by doing the things we’ve always dreamed of. “Once you get married it’ll be harder to do those things.” Quote from my Mom.

It’s true too, which is why being single isn’t that bad.

Here are some reasons why I’m content with being single:

I still don’t really know what I want to go to school for so this is a perfect time for me to stay single and figure that out.

I want to go over seas to places like England, Ireland, Scotland.

I want to do more trips to different places in Arkansas and the U.S.

I want to build a tiny house with an awesome dad who said it’s doable! So lots of prayers for that please!

I want to spend more time with my sister who’s turning into a young lady more and more every day.

I want to spend more time with my family then I have in recent years.

I also like doing my own thing and being alone sometimes. It’s nice to sit down with a cup of coffee and watch things like Doctor Who or When Calls the Heart.

The last point- I’m able to put more focus on my blog. This blog has turned into a fun place for me to express my thoughts, share pictures of trips and walks, and to just talk about things I’ve been doing or working on.

So there ya have it folks, my reasons I’m content being single in this point in life. I wanted to share with everyone that no matter what society my say, the single life isn’t that dull. Use this time in life to better yourself, spend time with your family- they won’t always be around, and to do things you’ve always wanted to do. It’s our bucket list time of life!

P.S. Mom you were right about how I should enjoy this time. Love you!


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