Title Thoughts

So recently I’ve been thinking of my name for my blog. Why did I choose it and why cottage of all things? I actually don’t really have an interesting reason for why I chose the name. I’ve read backstories on so many other people’s blog names and I think they are the most creative people out there. Then when I think of mine I kinda want to laugh a bit.

First of all it has my name in it. Yeah, so generic I know, but I couldn’t really think of anything else I liked. So at first all I had was “Chloe’ Mae” and I was stumped. “Chloe’ Mae’s Life” was way to uninteresting to me. I mean how could I do something that generic and boring. So I sat for a few hours (totally not kidding about that) and thought about what I could name the blog.

I’ve always loved tiny houses and things like that, and would love to be able to build mine. “Chloe’ Mae’s House” wasn’t that appealing to me either. I went back to my imaginary drawing board and did some more thinking. “Chloe’ Mae’s Tiny House?” “Um…no.” Then when I was thinking that I would need to think of something else I had an idea.

“Chloe’ Mae’s Cottage.” I loved that name and envisioned my dream tiny home! White furniture, pretty pastel curtains and table things, shabby chic furniture, and lots of lace. I said the blog name out loud for a bit and then claimed it forever.

Now even though my blog doesn’t have that shabby chic look to it anymore, I still think the title fits the look of the blog. Cottages come in many different shapes and forms after all. However, my tiny home is definitely going to have a shabby chic feel about it. Still, I’m happy with the name and think that it fits with my blog really well.

There’s my little backstory on how I came up with the name for the blog. In all honesty I don’t know why it took me so long to come up with the blog name when it’s such a simple title. I guess I was thinking a bit too hard on the title. (:


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