20 Facts

This will be a very, very generic post y’all….but I thought it would fit so y’all could get to know me better! So without further introduction, here are 20 facts about myself!

  1. I’m a bit on the short side- I’m 5’ 1” and this is sometimes an inconvenience for when I need to reach things on tall shelves and all that.
  2. I’m a turtle momma! I have a freshwater turtle that I named Caddo Clyde. He’s the most adorable little thing ever and I’ll have to post pics soon!
  3. My favorite colors are blue ( in many shades, but mainly a light blue), green (mint green especially), light purple, light pink, and some light yellows.
  4. I’m a coffee addict! I love coffee and drink it every single day.
  5. I’m not an introvert or an extrovert. I’m right in between at ambivert evidently. This means that I’m the balance of introvert and extrovert. That’s not bad though.
  6. I’d much rather shop at Target or any store other than Walmart. I just don’t care for Walmart I guess.
  7. Reading has always been a favorite hobby of mine. I remember the first time actually getting into a book. The book was titled “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” When I first read that book it was raining outside so I felt quite at home when the Pevensies were all playing hide and seek because of the rain where they were at.
  8. My decorating style is considered shabby chic and I find it peaceful and calming and oh so pretty.
  9. I used to do martial arts- Taekwondo actually- and received my 1st degree black belt in that. I really should get back into it, it’s great exercise! Maybe one of these days.
  10. I’m currently an EMS 911 Call-taker. So in the service area I work at if you need an ambulance they send you to me.
  11. I have an iPhone and I love it for all the picture taking I’ve been doing for blogging and personal Facebook posts. The camera is actually really good (this is just my personal opinion though).
  12. When it comes to makeup I have to be careful with what I use. My face is sensitive- uber sensitive- and I have to be really careful with what I put on my face. Hives are not fun y’all.
  13. On the topic of makeup, I don’t use a lot. I’ve never have and probably never will. I may try to experiment some more, but I’m a quick and easy type of person when it comes to makeup.
  14. I can play the piano, but it’s been a good minute since I’ve last played. I’m sure I’m very rusty and would need some practice to get back into it.
  15. I can cook, but I still have much to learn. I can cook to survive, but I prefer to stay in my comfort zone with food I know I like, than to experiment.
  16. Along with coffee I love hot tea. I would throw little tea parties when I was younger, and threw another one for some ladies this past spring. It was a lot of fun and I so enjoyed it.
  17. When it comes to writing on my blog I sometimes feel at a loss for inspiration and a loss for words. So I’ll sometimes sit and stare at my chromebook for at least 15 minutes. Sometimes it’s almost an hour, but the inspiration eventually comes to me!
  18. I’m the oldest of two of us chickens. My younger sister is actually taller than me so I’m the older/smaller sister, and she’s the younger/bigger sister.
  19. I’m trying to get better at blogging more. Some days it’s a struggle, and then some days it goes really great.
  20. Lastly, I work night shift at my job. I come in at 6 pm and leave at 6am. It’s not a bad shift at all, I really enjoy it. Sometimes, though, it is hard to get to sleep on my off days because I’m so used to being up all night at work. Hopefully I can get a better all around sleep schedule.

Well these were 20 random facts about me. I hope y’all enjoyed getting to know a bit more about me!

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