Blog Takeover: Taste of the Tumbleweed

Hey ya’ll! It’s Stephanie from Taste of the Tumbleweed!I am so honored to be doing this swap with Chloe. We have known each other outside of the blogging community for many of years now and she is just as sweet in person as she is on the interwebs. For this swap, we decided to tell you all why we blog.

Why do I blog, good question? I blog for many different reasons including, but not limited to; stress relief, to tell my life in the way of an entertaining story, to inform people of a different way of life and to calm my anxiety. I originally started blogging back in 2013 and most of those posts have now been deleted since I thought people would judge me or I was sharing too much of my personal life. I realized how supportive people were when I posted my final blog under “The Life Diaries” went live. The post was titled Weight a Minute about an eating disorder that I suffered with straight out of high school; this post is still active under the Tumbleweed if you are interested in reading it.           

Even though this blog had close to 300 views and an outstanding amount of support I still felt uneasy about sharing my life with everyone. After a 3-year break, and the worst anxiety that I have ever experienced I realized that those blogs helped people not feel so alone. I enjoy writing and enjoy sharing things in a way of an entertaining story. Although I had plenty of hard times in the past year I also had a ton of highs this past year! I met a fantastic guy who I have learned to love unconditionally, moved to a new city full of new possibilities, and bonded more with friends who may have been pushed to the side before.

I enjoy sharing my adventures with everyone with the intent of either helping someone overcome an obstacle in life or for someone who wants a good enjoyable read every occasionally. I try to write things that come straight from the heart and from my personal life. Everything on my blog has happened, everyone is real, and these are true stories. I write to connect and relate with the rest of the world in one way or another.



Thank you so much Chloe for letting me take over your blog! I’ve had an absolute blast taking over and sharing a little backstory of my blog and why I do it! You are more than welcome to take over the tumbleweed anytime!       

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