Smoothie Time= Future Projects Talk

While I’m having my yummy lunch of peach mango smoothie, I’ve been thinking about a few future projects I’ll do this year. The number one project I’ll do is the tiny house! It’s going to be a big project for sure and it will have a lot of sewing done for it as well. I love all things shabby chic and lace and want to make some curtains, tablecloths, dish towels, etc. for the house.

I can’t really make anything for the house right now since I don’t actually have the plans for the house just yet. So what I’ve been doing is looking at curtain styles I love and finding fabric I know I’ll love for a long while. I don’t want to switch my curtains out a lot so I want fabric that’ll go with my home for all seasons.

Mom has made a Pinterest board of things that she knows is more my style for decorating inspiration for the home. She’s looking forward to decorating it more! I am too! I love how this is turning into such a family project.

Well I work tonight and want to cook my dinner ahead of time so I wish y’all a good day!

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