Chloe’ Mae’s Coffee Corner Talks Part 3

First of all I’m sorry that I didn’t blog yesterday. I woke up not feeling so great so I went back to bed to get some more rest before work. It was a busy day at work so I’m pretty  happy I slept those extra hours instead of trying to write a blog post. So on to today’s post!

I should’ve chosen a shorter name for this series of posts, haha. I don’t know why I wanted to put “Coffee Corner Talks” instead of “Coffee Talks,” but I thought it fit at the time. I still love the name though!

Now I have some water heating up for coffee, I also have a glass of juice, and a donut (I kow it’s a bit late for a typical breakfast, but I just woke up). The plan for today is to take some more pain meds, rest some more, drink this coffee, pack lunch, and then go to work. I was supposed to be off today, but one of the guys on the night shift for tonight needed off, so I’m going in for him tonight and he works for me on Saturday. So lots of switching around, but it won’t make my long week of work feel long! I’m okay with that!

I’m running out of things to talk about and really need to do a few more things before work so I’ll bid y’all a good day!

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