Weekly Daily Goals

I planned on writing this about 5 hours ago, but became distracted by listening to the lovely rain we’ve been having today. I love listening to the rain fall, cook lunch, drink coffee, and enjoy some quiet music all at once. Now though I’m back to sitting at my chromebook and ready to start the writing!

Monday- A ‘me day’ from work, a day to relax and enjoy a day to myself.

Tuesday- Pack lunch, sleep, go to work.

Wednesday- Same as Tuesday.

Thursday- Clean car out (it badly needs it!)

Friday- Grocery shopping and same as Tuesday afterwards.

Saturday- Clean the travel trailer and make a list of sewing projects to complete before spring.

Sunday- Same as Tuesday.

The reason I have most days as “same as Tuesday” is because those are days I work. I work 6 pm to 6 am and need as much sleep before I go in as I can. Graveyard shifts are hard on the body at times and good sleep helps out immensely!

Now that I’ve listed my daily goals for this week I hope I’m able to keep them! I always find it frustrating when I’m not able to do the things on my ‘to-do’ list. Life gets in the way and it is understandable why some things never get done, but it does wear on my nerves at times.

I hope everyone has had a peaceful Monday!



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