Chloe’ Mae’s Coffee Corner Talks Part 2

On this episode of “Chloe’ Mae’s Coffee Corner Talks” I will show you my new Doctor Who travel mug! This was one of the gifts a dear friend gave me for Christmas and I’m in love with it.


This is the back part of the mug.


The front part of the mug before something hot is put in it….


……and the front part of the mug when the mug has something warm in it! I love it!

So now I want to talk about what I’ve been thinking of doing for these 2 months of daily blogging. I’m thinking of having daily ‘themes’ to help out with post ideas and to make it easier to schedule posts for days that I know I’ll be busy sleeping before work. I have a few ideas for them, but I may change it up if I don’t like the order or even the daily theme.

The themes are:

Sunday- Reflection of the past week- today I’m not doing that since I really didn’t do much this week except drink coffee, work, sleep, and stress.

Monday- Daily goals for the week

Tuesday- Quote of the week

Wednesday- “Chloe’ Mae’s Coffee Corner Talks”

Thursday- Story of the week

Friday- Future goals or projects

Saturdays- Free day

So this is what I’m thinking, maybe it’ll work out and if not then I can just find another tactic to help me out with the daily blogging. I am happy with my decision to daily blog and honestly these past few days of daily blogging have helped me with remembering to blog.

At first I thought I would have to set an alarm to help me remember to blog, but I’m doing good so far! Hopefully I’ll keep remembering by myself, but I’ll still post at least 1 scheduled post a week. I used to use the scheduling tool a lot when I was trying to blog at least 2-3 times a week. It’s a life saver y’all! I’m not kidding about that at all, haha.

Lastly…drum roll please…….my Dad announced that he wants to build me a tiny house!! Like what?! I’m super excited about that! I was going to save up and get a building and start from the inside out, but he did research and a lot of thinking (and praying from mom) and told me today that he knows he can do it. It’ll also be a lot cheaper in the long run which is a plus. I’m super duper excited about it and am looking forward to building my first tiny home! So now comes my part of the building before the actual building- saving money and looking into where I’ll purchase the building materials. Prayers are appreciated!



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