My House

Today when I woke up I started cleaning the house up and it got me thinking. I’ll never have a picture perfect home- ever. My house will look like one that’s lived in, things won’t be so perfect. There will be clothes on the bedroom floor at times, a dish or two in the sink, books on the living room floor, a picture out of place.

I don’t live a perfect life, my life has mistakes in it and will always have mistakes. My house reflects it and I’m sure it always will reflect that, but that’s okay. Like me my house lives. I have a busy life- I’m almost always doing something and at times I barely stay at my house for more than 30 minutes. Then there are days when I’m happy I have no company because then I need to look presentable haha.

I also want a house when people walk in they feel at home. Maybe it’s just me, but when I go to people’s homes where everything is perfectly in place I don’t feel like I can relax. Then when I go to someone’s house where they have things here and there that don’t belong I’m like “Okay yeah this is my kind of place.”

So this was a kind of a random blog post, but it’s a look into what I was thinking all morning. I hope y’all have a good day friends!

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