Chloe’ Mae’s Coffee Corner Talks

So I’m starting a new series on the blog titled “Chloe’ Mae’s Coffee Corner Talks.” The idea for this came from a friend and co-worker of mine- thanks “A!” This is just a way for me to give you an ‘in the moment’ update….and an excuse to drink more coffee! (;

Well I’ve been thinking on trying to blog daily for at least 2 months. This blog used to be a big priority of mine, but then life came in the way. So now I want to make it a priority again! Now the posts won’t always be long, but I will say that everyday for 2 months you can expect a post.

So today I’m drinking French roast coffee (my favorite kind ever) with some milk, a few sugar in the raw packets, and some simply 5 Hershey’s chocolate sauce…..yum! It’s in one of the Doctor Who mugs I was given during the holiday season. Doctor Who mug + coffee = one happy girl!

I have friends that have made new years resolutions- working out, reading more, going on more trips. Here’s mine- drawing closer to God every single day, praying more, seeking His will for my life. Loving others the way He wants me to, being that light in this world that we live in. My family and I are reading the whole Bible this year with this awesome Bible reading plan and I’m learning so much in doing this. It’s like reading it with fresh eyes- new things pop out to me every single day.

Well my coffee is gone and my dinner is here, so I will bid y’all a goodnight! (:

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