Spontaneous Hiking Trip

Last year I ended up having a spontaneous hiking trip…in the cold..in the woods…by myself. It. Was. The. Best. Idea. I’ve. Had. In. A. While. I really enjoyed it! I went to Bringle Lake Park in Texarkana. I used to walk around the trail that goes around the park, but I haven’t hiked on the Wilderness Trail out there. It turns out that there are supposed to be 3 trails- Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. I ended up starting out on the Advanced trail, switched to the Intermediate trail, and finished on the Beginner trail. I have no idea how that happened, but it was nice none the less!


I went on this bridge! Well I cut through the woods to go on this bridge because it was cooler than the path I was actually on.


Then this was yet another trail that was also part of the Wilderness Trail. I think I eventually did go to that one…I kept walking in the woods to go to the different trails. Probably not the brightest idea since it made the walk in the cold longer ( I got sick from that walk ) but it was fun nonetheless!


At the end of the bridge when I was headed back to my car. It was so peaceful and pretty out that I am going back again! Just not when it’s so cold this time. (;


I don’t know what this thing is, but it is crazy fun! It also makes you *extremely* dizzy, but it also reminds you of ones childhood. I may be 21, but I am a kid at heart and love to play on the playground still!

In this year of 2017 I want to be more spontaneous in the things I do. This is also rolling over to my spiritual life, I want God to be able to use me. I’ve done the thing where I control what I do, and when Chloe’ controls what Chloe’ does Chloe’ messes up- big time. I’m done letting Chloe’ decide how to live her life and I’m ready for God to once again take the reins. In this, it is high past time for it to happen. I pray that you will all let God take control in your lives, trust me friends it makes life so much easier when we do.


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