Groceries for Under $21

So yesterday I went and bought groceries for 1 for under $21. It was awesome! I was so shocked to get quite a few meals for that price. For right now I’m living in a camper trailer until the tiny house is ready. So this is good practice for when I move into the tiny house!

I brought bread, peanut butter/ grape jelly combo, lunch meat, apple juice, 2 fruit smoothie mixes, 4 cans of tuna, 1 box that has 2 things of tuna helper, and some mac-n-cheese. Now to be fair I did have some grocery items that I bought a few days ago that I needed, but still haha.

I really only needed groceries to last until next Friday when I get paid, so I think I did a pretty good job! Thank-you to my awesome momma for teaching me meal planning!

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