Where Are You Postman?…and A Daily Update

I’m not a patient person by any means and this week will test what patience I have. There are about 6 packages….6 packages that should be here this week. First of all I think that’s a lot of packages especially since I thought they would all be more spread out. I’m sorry mister postman for all the packages you’ll bring this week….but could you make them come here faster??

After the hectic weekend of work I came home and slept till 11:30 (I get off at 6 am when I work) and then relaxed by taking a nice bath. Then after that I made hot cocoa with whipped cream on top….it as yummy!


After that I went and visited with family and then went by work to get one of the guys dinner. Now I’m home and finishing up the blog and planning a list for tomorrow…..have a good night everyone!


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