Christmas Shopping

Today I’m doing some Christmas shopping from the comfort of my own home. That’s right- I’m doing Christmas shopping online this year! No going to the stores for me this time! As someone who doesn’t like crowds this is a big deal to me. The reason I’m doing online shopping this year is that I’m shopping for and buying things from places that aren’t near where I live and I’m doing a lot of Etsy seller shopping this year.

With my friends I go for ‘themes’ with what I get them. For this one friend of mine her theme is ‘bath time’ since she loves sugar scrubs, bath bombs, bubble bath…etc. Another friend’s theme is ‘tea time’ so I bought a vintage tea cup and saucer and ordered some yummy tea from Harney & Sons. I like doing the themes with them because I feel like the themes every year go to some part of their personality.

My sister gets whatever she wants with no budget- spoiled I know, but she’s the only sister and sibling I have so why not! So this year her gift is going to be very different for sure. I don’t want to tell what I got her just yet- I’ll wait until I can tell you what her reaction to the main part of the gift is…..hint- ninja’s use them!

Then for my parents I always get them a little something-something that I think they will like or use every day. I don’t get them a lot since I know how they feel on that, but I do like to get them at least one small thing.

The places I have done my Christmas shopping so far are: Flea markets, Harney & Sons, Home Goods, and Amazon.

The places I’ll go to that will finish my Christmas shopping are: Etsy, and my kitchen for the ‘bath time’theme- stay tuned for a blog post about making your own bath time items!

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