Change Is Everywhere…

Life is full of seasons and these seasons bring changes. Some of these changes are good, while others are not so good. I don’t believe change is a bad thing at all- without change how are we to grow, to learn, to become the better part of ourselves? Change is essential to life, albeit an annoying essential to life.

I’ve experienced quite a few changes this month alone! Isn’t it surprising how that tends to happen? The first change I’ve had was how to move forward in life. My family is rooting for a tiny house, but I am thinking of something a tad different. I’m not sure what I will do exactly and the fact that I’m opening up to more choices is a change for me. I’ve always been the person to keep to one thing, one idea, one goal. Now here I am thinking of different ways to move forward- a mark of growth I hope!

At work there was a change as well. I used to work noon to midnight on a rotating schedule. Well starting this weekend I will work 6 pm to 6 am on the same rotating schedule. I’m hoping that by doing this it will help me out better when I start classes back up soon. That way I can take morning and/or afternoon classes and still be able to work a full time job.

Change is everywhere we turn and it will happen for as long as you and I are on this earth. It’s how we deal with the change that determines if we will make it through the next season of life without feeling like we are barely making it. Instead of fighting change let’s embrace it and welcome the new opportunities, new friends, new doors being opened that it brings.

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