Where Are You Postman?…and A Daily Update

I’m not a patient person by any means and this week will test what patience I have. There are about 6 packages….6 packages that should be here this week. First of all I think that’s a lot of packages especially since I thought they would all be more spread out. I’m sorry mister postman for all the packages you’ll bring this week….but could you make them come here faster??

After the hectic weekend of work I came home and slept till 11:30 (I get off at 6 am when I work) and then relaxed by taking a nice bath. Then after that I made hot cocoa with whipped cream on top….it as yummy!


After that I went and visited with family and then went by work to get one of the guys dinner. Now I’m home and finishing up the blog and planning a list for tomorrow…..have a good night everyone!



Christmas Shopping

Today I’m doing some Christmas shopping from the comfort of my own home. That’s right- I’m doing Christmas shopping online this year! No going to the stores for me this time! As someone who doesn’t like crowds this is a big deal to me. The reason I’m doing online shopping this year is that I’m shopping for and buying things from places that aren’t near where I live and I’m doing a lot of Etsy seller shopping this year.

With my friends I go for ‘themes’ with what I get them. For this one friend of mine her theme is ‘bath time’ since she loves sugar scrubs, bath bombs, bubble bath…etc. Another friend’s theme is ‘tea time’ so I bought a vintage tea cup and saucer and ordered some yummy tea from Harney & Sons. I like doing the themes with them because I feel like the themes every year go to some part of their personality.

My sister gets whatever she wants with no budget- spoiled I know, but she’s the only sister and sibling I have so why not! So this year her gift is going to be very different for sure. I don’t want to tell what I got her just yet- I’ll wait until I can tell you what her reaction to the main part of the gift is…..hint- ninja’s use them!

Then for my parents I always get them a little something-something that I think they will like or use every day. I don’t get them a lot since I know how they feel on that, but I do like to get them at least one small thing.

The places I have done my Christmas shopping so far are: Flea markets, Harney & Sons, Home Goods, and Amazon.

The places I’ll go to that will finish my Christmas shopping are: Etsy, and my kitchen for the ‘bath time’theme- stay tuned for a blog post about making your own bath time items!

End of the Year Goals

Y’all this year is almost over with……can you believe that?! It’s insane how fast this year has gone by! Here we are two days away from Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be upon us!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like this means I need to set goals to finish up for the rest of the year. Goals that I want to use to challenge myself and to continue on into the new upcoming year. I have two goals I want to start and finish by this time next year.

My first goal I came up with is to start blogging at least 3 times a week. With the schedule change with work it leaves more time to do things first thing in the morning before I take my pre-work nap. So this means that it is perfect for blogging in the morning! I think I can think better when I blog first thing in the morning than any other time of the day. It’s weird, but that’s how it works out for me.

The second goal is to be more intentional in my friendships. This year was a horrible year of me being a good friend. I wasn’t as intentional as I used to be and this needs to change. I want to better my friendships and to do that takes work on my part as well. It’s time I start making those ‘first moves’ in my friendships and to help out more when I can.

So hopefully I’m able to continue on with these goals as we move into the new year.I think that I prefer the term ‘goals’ to ‘resolutions’ more. Simply because for me when i think of a goal I think of something more attainable than a resolution. So these are my end of the year and new year’s goals….what are some of yours?