New 1860’s Dress

Well I am back at long last! I do apologize for the very long wait! A lot of things have changed since I’ve last spoken with y’all! Let’s see I have a new job that I love, I’m in the process of getting a tiny house, and I am in the process of building a new reenacting persona- new wardrobe and new things for the persona. Fun fact- I also got a chrome book! This is now what I will use for school and blogging and the like, and I am so happy with it already! Now to the part of the blog I am sure every one wants to read. ;)


The fabric I picked out for the dress! I love the coloring in it and how the pattern is so dainty. The fabric is also 100% reproduction! Win win!


The blouse coming together. This part is where I had trouble with the lining. The pattern called for the lining to be a lot smaller than the actual blouse. I did not like that at all! So instead of cutting out the lining the way the pattern said to, I cut out the lining the same way as the actual blouse, and guess what? That’s right, I liked it a lot better. Yes I know that is weird to some, but it is what I wanted! :)


Sewing the gathers of the skirt…..gathers are just awful after a while. Don’t you agree?..


Pre-lining! It’s looking much more like a dress for sure!


My buttons for the dress. A lady in this one civil war ladies group I’m in decided to empty out her button supply. These pretty, glass, amber buttons were only $6….shipping included! I just *had* to have them!

There you have it y’all! My new dress slowly being made, it’ll hopefully be done by October *knock on wood* so I can start on getting a few other things going. I do apologize for my delay in writing, and you can expect a lot more posts soon :)



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