My New Quilt Part 1

Okay to all you quilters out there I have a few things to say to you…..First of all y’all are amazing….seriously. Second y’all are patient, third y’all have my respect.

I recently decided to make a quilt for my soon to be new bed. Well I sat and thought about how I wanted it to be I began to gather the fabric for it, and earlier this week I began to work on it. This. Is. The. Biggest. Project. I. Have. Done. Period.

As a person who has never thought about quilting I never thought this would be so hard and time consuming- don’t get me started on how much math I have used with this so far. It’s a lot.

Anyway, I am enjoying it immensely, this is more of a ‘quiet’ sewing than what I am used to. I am really liking it and am already thinking of future quilting projects!

Now on to the pictures! :D



I’m keeping notes while I make my quilt. That way I can base future quilts off of what I’ve done so far. 


I’m using a twin sized sheet to figure out how many quilting blocks I need for the borders. 

DSCN1457For the top and bottom borders that’s a grand total of 11 blocks each. 
Well there’s my part one of the quilt. I will post more later. :) 


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