Flea Market Finds

Yesterday I went to Texarkana with my best friend Stephanie. She’ll be leaving me before long to start her new job in ‘the big city!’ Sad face! So we went flea market shopping to find some furniture pieces for her new apartment! 

Matthew tagged along with us to help us find the one flea market she really wanted to go to. We went to this one that I’ve never heard of and I found a few things I *had* to have! 

This little wooden spool. It’s bigger than all the ones I have which made it more appealing to me! I love wooden spools- they look better than the plastic ones and they work great to leave out at events when I’m sewing. 

This little saucer. It’s blue, it’s old, it’s perfect. 

I saw this little basket and knew it was coming home with me. I use baskets for all sorts of things, and they go nicely with my reenacting things! 

I’m changing up my room style and this is the ‘theme’ I’m going for. I want a more cottage/country/romantic room style. This patchwork quilt was exactly what I had in mind for my room! I love it! 

So these were my thrifter treasures that came home with me! Do y’all like to go flea market shopping?

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