Quiet Sewing Time

Today is my last day off in my mini-vaca time. I’ve enjoyed my time off immensely! During my time off I’ve been doing a lot of what I call ‘quiet sewing time.’ When I was little I would have ‘quiet reading time’ or ‘quiet playing time.’ Now that I’m older I like to have quiet sewing time! 

There is nothing like sitting at my sewing table and working on projects! 

I’ve been embroidering little designs on table things for the tea I’m hosting on Saturday. 

Here is one of the edges. I love how it turned out! 

Sewing Tip by Chloe’- To save much needed thread I use a bobbin of a different, but complementary color. This is the back stichthing of the previous picture. 

This is the right side of my sewing table. It’s a little messy but look at my wooden spools! 

I have a small, mental storage shelf I keep by my sewing table. It holds various sewing supplies and office supplies for me. 

This was a sad day. My cat messed with this bobbin and I had to cut all this thread off of it. 

Hemming up the tablecloth edges! I’ll do a post on how to make easy tablecloths! 

Do any of y’all have time dedicated to ‘quietly sew?’

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